Harmony with Nature

Helen Samuels is a part of the Harmony with Nature Group at the

World People’s Summit on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth


’The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth.’ This was the main theme of the working group, ’Harmony with Nature’, which spanned from morning to early evening and drew more than 300 people from various parts of Bolivia, including several indigenous communities, as well as individuals from various countries, ranging from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and South Africa to Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, and the United States.
’The rights of Mother Earth, the Universe, and humans are all connected, and all are equally important.’
An open-air ritual led by a woman of Quechua background to honor Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) initiated the working group, which underscored the link between the well-being of Earth and human beings, and offered concrete proposals to achieve this harmony. The overall objective of the working group, which will meet several times throughout the conference, is to produce a document that can serve to inform international and national policies to protect the environment.
In the morning session, presentations were made on the virtual work of those who had signed up for the group electronically in the weeks leading up to the conference, setting the context for subsequent discussions. Representatives from more than two dozen countries were involved in the online work, which produced three overarching proposals: 1) limit consumption; 2) practice vegetarianism, as enormous amounts of resources are used and diverted for intensive livestock farming; 3) promote organic and local agriculture, and return to traditional farming practices that preserve soil quality and conserve natural resources.
’It is not possible to have harmony with nature unless there is justice and fairness among humans.’



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Summit on Climate Change

Watch live now, April 21, 2010

Watch live video from OneClimate on Justin.tv

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World Peoples’ Summit on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth

The Conference Starts today. The #1 Objective of the Summit is 1.  Analyze the structural and systemic causes of climate change and propose substantive measures that facilitate the well-being of all mankind in harmony with nature. To find out more: http://pwccc.wordpress.com/guia-informativa/

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President Morales of Bolivia today, addresses 1,000s.
Watch live video from OneClimate on Justin.tv

Some of the Working Groups meeting to discuss and find solutions are: Harmony with Nature (this is the one Helen Samuels is a part of), Rights of Mother Earth, Climate Justice Tribunal, Indigenous Peoples, Climate Debt, Shared Vision, Adaption. Strategies for Action. To find out more about these groups: http://pwccc.wordpress.com/category/working-groups/02-harmony-with-nature/

See live streaming coverage:


Follow the Conference live: http://envivo.cmpcc.org.bo/?lang=es

Download Final Program in English: http://pwccc.wordpress.com/

You can become a virtual participant in the Summit

Embed live coverage on your site, share on facebook, twitter: http://www.oneclimate.net/about/embed


From April Press Release
When President Morales of Bolivia launched his invitation to the world to come to Bolivia to develop a Peoples’ Agenda for Climate Change, we never imagined the overwhelming response it would generate. With less than a week to go before the conference, here are some of the astonishing statistics related to the conference:
At least 15,000 people are expected to attend from 126 countries Around 70 governments are expected to attend to listen to the voices of civil society, including Presidents of Ecuador, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Venezuela, the Vice-President of Comoros Islands, government ministers, delegates and parliamentarians from Europe, Asia and Africa. —Read More

As of yesterday the U.S. was not sending an official representative.


More information/Articles/Video




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An unusual conversation

I went to a pharmacy in La Paz to buy a toothbrush. The lady asked me the obvious,
“Are you an American?”
Yes, I said.

“Are you going to the conference for the well being of Mother Earth?”
Why yes.

“That is so wonderful maybe you will take the message back to your people and they will join us to save the earth”
There are many of us already doing that. Great things are happening because of dedicated efforts.

“Yes but your culture still practices the sacrificial rights of war for your advancement like the ancient Inka empire and use military strength to make your country stronger instead of productive projects.”
I was silent.
“But I am so happy that you have come, we welcome you and thank you from the heart. This gives us much hope that maybe all nations can start working together like the one big family that we are as children of Earth. “
That is my greatest desire also. I responded.

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Message of HOPE from the highest city in the world

APRIL 16, 2010

Message of HOPE from Bolivia. Here I am in La Paz, the highest City in the world and on my way to Cochabamba where the World People’s Conference on Climate Change http://pwccc.wordpress.com will begin on the 19th It is an extraordinary event where over 15,000 people and representatives from 70 nations will come together to formulate a practical strategy that supports a major shift away from humanity’s destructive relationship with Earth. The goal: Create balance and well being for Mother Earth and all that lives within this precious planet we call home.

When you visit the site I invite you to subscribe to the conference blog and you can participate virtually in the working groups as well. This conference Announced by Bolivian President Evo Morales during the failed Copenhagen climate summit is only the beginning of a mass global effort to re-establish a harmonious and equitable relationship with nature and between humans as well.

I will be participating in Working Group 02. Harmony with Nature

I have attended dozens of global events worldwide, always opening the path for the voice of children, youth or 1st Nation tribes. Yet I find it interesting and exhilarating that on this, the eve of my 65th birthday this will be the first time where I am participating in a global conference with my very own vision. I am so thrilled to be part of this historic moment.

For more info read this article: http://tcktcktck.org/events/major-moments/world-peoples-conference-climate-change or google “world peoples conference on climate change”

—Helen Samuels

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Helen Samuels leaves for Haiti

Founder, Helen Samuels left for Haiti on Saturday, February 27, 2010. She will be there for 2 weeks working with Airline Ambassadors, Africa Domes, and King Wawa to access what can be done to help the Haitian people. Their primary focus will be initially to get Dome construction training set up.

More information at: http://www.greendomeprojects.org/Green_Dome_Project_Haiti.html

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We are going to Haiti to help with the reconstruction by training Haiti youth in Do-It-Yourself Sustainability skills.

The Green Dome and its international youth service networks are planning to travel to Haiti this Spring as part of the Airline Ambassadors’ long term strategy to support the ongoing restoration efforts of those affected by the earthquake’s devastation.

Airline Ambassador’s Green Dome will provide do-it-yourself training programs that empower local youth to be trainers in skills of basic survival systems and sustainable rebuilding practices at an accessible DIY level utilizing community organization skills, permaculture and sustainability practices and low tech tools.Working with Africa Domes they will also assist in providing training on Dome construction.

Not withstanding the fact that at this time tens of thousands of Haitians do not even have the basics available such as food and water, we believe: “DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING…NOW. WITH WHAT WE’VE GOT”.

The Green Dome youth will set up in seriously affected areas and train young people in low tech ways to handle basic needs such as boiling water and cooking food with the sun, creating portable gardens and turn what could be considered garbage into creative and safe temporary shelters or objects useful for comfort. Working hand in hand to begin restoring play areas for children and systems that facilitate returning to a functioning daily life, youth will be exposed to a world of possibilities and heart driven peers. The most important action will be to exchange the sense of hopelessness and helplessness for a practical participation and a vision of well-being.

Green Dome youth trainers will bring real-world experience in Do-It-Yourself environmental restoration and community building skills to teach local young people how to continue with sustainable practices long after the disaster relief organizations have gone home. This project will also provide practical kits to leave at the sites (such as water purification, waste management bins, seeds for gardening, low tech solar heating etc.)

The Green Dome team of youth and adult mentors will be working along with AAI mission specialists, regional NGO’s and CBO’s (Community Based Organizations) to define the area and the communities to set our dome in. 
This hands-on intensive training will be carried out by youth from 
Tierra Viva/Mexico and GYAN-Mexico http://mexico.youthlink.org

The Green Dome project will provide training in the following areas:

Dome construction
Small family and portable garden skills
Waste Resourcing for practical applications
Community action and inspiring self organizing skills (for adults and youth)
Immediate water purification and storage techniques
Low tech solar cooking skills
Low tech shower and bathing systems
Safe and healthy temporary waste management
Constructive reuse of solid waste.
Permaculture approach to starting over
Youth’s role and opportunities in long term restoration
Haiti Youth participation in our TEKIO network
Introduction to youth-run service projects
Link youth to a global youth-mentor network of social entrepreneurs
Dry toilet and grey water management

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